How do I return an item?

First, have you contacted us or the seller to arrange a refund? If not do that right now, we will wait. If you have, keep reading. The seller should have given you a return address, if they have not, go ahead and contact them again asking where they would like the order returned to. Okay on to the fun part.

1. Place your item(s) in a shipping bag or box and seal it. Hopefully you kept the original box to make it easy.

2. Write or print the address you are returning the product to, as well as your shipping address and tape it to the bag or box. Almost done. You got this!

3. Find a USPS Post Office, Fed Ex or UPS drop your package off to them, make sure to go in and pay for postage. Boom, you nailed it!

4. Once seller receives the items back we’ll refund your order.